• South Detroit

    When we were at the States in December 2014, we managed to get to the south of Detroit (means: Windsor, ON, Canada) and made some of these lovely cold shots. I think the light is very nice and shows off the beautiful skyline. Trust me, these buildings are also very impressive up close. … Keep reading
  • Multicoloured Hourglass

    This is just a colour pattern, that I used as a substitute in a Norwegian Sweater, but I wanted to share that with peeps in order they want to conduct a similar feat. It has been created with a sense of symmetry and triangles. It came originally not with the hourglass idea, but upon actually knitting it, I realised it … Keep reading
  • Quick Mittens

    Last year my sister got a loop made with Manos del Uruguay’s Silk Blend (Luisa). This year I also made her a matching hat of from the same wool upon request as a thank you for proof reading my Master’s thesis. This weekend I had a visit from her and told her that there was still a hank left, so … Keep reading
  • Framing Lenses – My Defence

    Monday, November 10, 2014, I have successfully defended my master’s thesis and can now call myself M.Sc. That is great and of course I want to share this with the world. So, my full thesis can be found here and it’s a great read, but I do understand if that is too much for you. So alternatively, you can just … Keep reading
  • Space Antenna Hat

    So I did the first Space Invader Hat, that I made a dozen pieces of and everybody was happy.  But there is always someone, who want something different.  In order to fulfil all needs brought towards me, I made this second hat.  And I want to share the pattern with you folks.  It is very similar to the original; only … Keep reading
  • Hextris

    After I did research on a game of Hex and also now doing research on Tetris, I am very very happy, to present to you now the gem my partner found online: Hextris. It’s Tetris on a Hexagon.  It blew my mind.   … Keep reading
  • Space Invader Hat

    Years ago, I started these and gave them all around.  However, I never published a pattern for them.  With an upcoming move, I remembered that I promised someone to make them one and haven’t managed in five years (there are _good_ reasons for that, though).  Finally, I made another one and this time, I thought of writing things down.  So … Keep reading